Girardi Elio Srl – Quarrying Machining Trentino Porphyry

We offer an extensive catalogue of products to cover the most varied customer requirements!



Machining phase that envisions the extraction of the Trentino Porphyry from the quarry using the most modern methods.



We offer an extensive catalogue of products. Consult our web site and contact us for a free cost estimate or for additional information.



Laying Trentino Porphyry allows this extraordinary natural product to be enhanced to its best.

  • Quarrying, Machining and Supplying Trentino Porphyry
  • Catalogue of products for urban design and outdoor and indoor spaces
  • We supply and assist companies, professionals and private customers in the realisation of their projects
  • Very competitive prices and highest quality along with a great selection of materials
  • Pre and after-sales assistance for the customer